Industrial Batteries

Fight-tank Battery

Battery TypeNominal VoltadeNominal CapacityLengthWidthHight
RT 12-14012140570240240
BT 12-11012110280255220

Golf Car Battery

Battery TypeNominal VoltadeNominal CapacityLengthWidthHight
T 6 V 200 T6200270195275
T 6 V 210 T6210270195275
T 6 V 220 T6220270195275
T 6 V 250 T6250270195275
T 8 V 135 T8135270195275
T 8 V 150 T8150270195275
T 8 V 170 T8170270195275
T 8 V 180 T8180270195275
T 12 V 36 T1236270195275
T 12 V 60 T1260270195275
T 12 V 80 T1280270195275
T 12 V 120 T12120530240300
T 12 V 140 T12140530240300
T 12 V 150 T12150530240300

Railway Battery

Diesel – electric locomotive starting batteries (Conventional lead acid batteries)
Type NR 8-420 T
Nominal voltage. 8 Volt
Nominal Capacity. 420 Ah at 8 hr (min. rating)
Initial Surge Current. 2000 A
Cranking Current 1200 A (minimum)
Temperature Range 0o – 55o c
Container Molded for Diesel locomotive

Battery TypeNominal VoltageNominal CapacityLengthWidthHight
NR 8-420 T8420713204450

Traction Battery

Cell Containers and Covers:
Adapted for push-in plugs, allows the optimal sealing of the terminal posts throughout special rubber bushes.

Robust cross-section, designed to ensure high electrical conductivity and the best mechanical characteristics.

guarantees the perfect electrical connection between the cells, ensuring full insulation of conductors.


Microporous Polyethylene, to ensure high performance and complete insulation between positive and negative plates, while allowing the free flow of electrolyte through- out the cell.

Positive Plates:

Tube design with non-woven gauntlet and pins-grid produced by die-casting, to give high mechanical characteristics and maximum current carrying ca

pacity. Negative Plates: Thick with design grid for improved holding of the active material and high electrical conductivity.